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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Do you support contact free delivery?

Yes – all delivery persons are provided with gloves and face masks to allow contactless delivery. We also support customers receiving fruits and vegetables in their own bags or boxes placed outside the doorstep of your home or at the ground level of your flat.  If you have any concerns about your delivery, please call our team to discuss.

2. Will there be any delay in delivering?

However, due to reduced working hours and restricted movement arising from COVID-19 lockdown measures during this time, delays in delivery may occur. But we will do our best to ensure delivery at the earliest possible time following the delay.


3. Can I know in advance what produce is coming in my monthly kit? (Monthly kit is for selected months only)

Yes! Every Saturday morning, we send out a WhatsApp message and shall post in our FB that describes what is ready to get harvested. Check our FB for the available fruits and vegetables.

4. Until what time can I order?

We need a bit of time to get your fresh Vegetables ready, but order before 3 days of the scheduled delivery date at your area.

5. Can I book the order within 3 days of the scheduled delivery date at my area?

Considering lockdown and restricted movement, our farms and partner farmers will be sometimes unable to harvest for the late orders.

6. Should I provide the address and location with contact details?

Accurate address and contact details will help us deliver efficiently.

7. How do I gift a kit?

Perhaps you know of a needy relative or friend whom you would like to send a box to on a recurring basis. Please contact us directly at [email protected] or 99616 12390 to order a gift kit delivery. Please pay before 9 am of the day of scheduled delivery.

8. Do you have a refer-a-friend program?

Yes! When you refer a friend, just send his/her name and contact number to us via WhatsApp. We’ll give you 20% off on your next kit and give him 20% off on his first kit. 


9. When will I be charged for my kit?

During the time of the delivery.

10. What kind of payment options do you offer?

You can pay via Google pay or Paytm or PhonePe.


11. Should there be someone to collect the kit at my doorstep?

We request you to ensure that someone is available at your address provided to us to receive the kit or you can advise us to keep it at a particular location of your compound or basement of the flat where our delivery boy can easily reach and where the access will be granted by the security personnel.  

12. How can I identify my kit?

Your name will be printed or written on your kit.


13. Why aren’t some items available all year?

We do our best to harvest the local seasonal vegetables, so there will be times of year when certain items aren’t available. Eating seasonal produce support local farmers and guarantees freshness, it’s also much more sustainable than sourcing out-of-season foods from overseas.

14. What if I am not satisfied with a product?

Then you can let us know via WhatsApp. We respond immediately and find a solution that you are satisfied with. You can always send us a photo of what went wrong. This way we can improve our service.

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